There are limitless possibilities and Delphine’s creative artistry will push the boundaries of straw marquetry design.

Star burst

There are only a handful of straw marquetry artisans in the world today and I am proud to be one of them.

“Delphine is part of this exclusive world, following her instinct, capturing her talent and providing the world with some exquisite handywork.”

About straw marquetry, she says: “The resulting work has an incredible lustre, which changes as you move. In fact, the designs look like they are moving. The movement is almost like a ballet it is so subtle, pure yet captivating.”

I am happy to collaborate with prestigious home designers in London.

Group 26

Colour charts & patterns

I offer a complete colour chart, so you can choose the shade or shades of straw that best suit your aspirations, play with colours, their associations, the reflections of light on the straw ...


Straw Marquetry